IMPORTANT: Earthquake Updates

A number of walking and mountain-bike tracks on the Port Hills are still closed due to earthquake damage or the continued threat of rockfall.  Up to date information is on the City Council’s website:

The Summit Road itself is closed between Mt Cavendish saddle and the top of the Rapaki Track. Evans Pass from Sumner will be closed until remediation and rock stabilisation work is completed. The northern section of the Summit Road can be accessed via Mount Pleasant. The remainder can be accessed from Dyers Pass.

The status of the Summit Road Society’s two reserves is:

Ohinetahi Reserve
This reserve is open, excepting for the following tracks, which remain closed due to earthquake damage and high rock fall risks:
1. Faulkners
2. Totara Log
3. Bivvy
4. South Boundary from Faulkners track to Titoki track
5. Titoki  from O”Farrells track to Ngaio track.
6. Ellas from Crater Rim track around Mt. Ada

Omahu Bush and Gibraltar Rock
All tracks are open.

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