There is a wealth of information about the Summit Road, Port Hills and Banks Peninsula written in the past 80 years. Some books can be purchased and others can be borrowed from the Christchurch City Libraries.

Available for purchase through the Society
The Summit Road Society has the following available for purchase, with all proceeds going towards the further the vision of Harry Ell, by working to enhance, preserve and protect the nature, beauty and open character of the hills of Banks Peninsula for people to enjoy.

  • Port Hills – Protect and Enjoy 2008 – Book $20.00 (post included)
  • The Summit Road – DVD $21.00 (post included)

Enquiries, please write to:
Summit Road Society Inc.
PO Box 37-115
Halswell Christchurch 8245
New Zealand


Other resources
These are just a few of the other resources we recommend:

  • Enjoying the Port Hills, Gordon Ogilvie, 2000
  • Banks Peninsula; Cradle of Canterbury, Gordon Ogilvie, 1990
  • The Port Hills of Christchurch, Gordon Ogilvie, 1978, 1991
  • Fifty Years Along the Road; A History of the Summit Road Society Incorporated 1948-1998 (available from the Society), Jennifer Loughton, 1998
  • The Port Hills; A Guide to the Walking Tracks, Mark Pickering, updated annually
  • Walk Christchurch, Mark Pickering, 1998
  • Lore and History of the South Island Maori, Taylor, W A, 1950
  • Place names of Banks Peninsula, Anderson, J C, 1976
  • Harry Ell and His Summit Road, Lenore Oakley, 1960
  • Guide & Map to the Tracks and Reserves of the Summit Road, Christchurch, Available from the Society & Visitor Information Centre, updated regularly
  • Port Hills Climbing, Lindsay Main, 1998
  • An Overview of the Port Hills Existing and Future Management Options, Liz Briggs, Christchurch City Council, 1998
  • Banks Peninsula Ecological Region: Port Hills, Herbert and Akaroa Ecological Districts, Protected Natural Areas Programme Survey Report No. 21, DOC, Hugh Wilson 1992
  • Archaeological and Historical Investigations of Onawe pa, Akaroa Harbour, Banks Peninsula, Trotter, Michael & McCulloch, Beverley, 1998
  • Along the Hills, Watson, James, 1989
  • Extinct Volcanos: A Guide to the Geology of Banks Peninsula. Geological Society of NZ, Weaver, Stephen, Rod Sewell, Chris Dorsey 1985, 1990

Additionally, various publications by the Christchurch City Council, Parks and Recreation Committee are available from visitors centres around Christchurch.