Feedback from Mountain Bike clubs

In October 2018, the Summit Road Society acquired Tussock Hill farm, a 233ha property between Horotane and Avoca Valleys. This acquisition was a result of many years of work and was made possible by generous donations and bequests.

Linda Woods reserve, formerly known as Tussock Hill Farm.

The Society is currently developing a management plan for the reserve. As part of this process, we are speaking to a wide range of groups including the CCC rangers, Te Hapū o Ngāti Wheke, recreational groups and the local Heathcote community. We have also arranged expert reports on biodiversity and rockfall mitigation.

One of the groups we are keen to hear from is mountain bikers. In light of covid-19 and the restrictions around gatherings, we would like to seek this feedback via an online survey.

We want to understand your aspirations for the reserve, what you would like to see included in the management plan and the ways you might be able to assist us to develop the reserve.

Please note that we are still at the information-gathering stage. In developing the management plan, we need to consider biodiversity, different recreational users, erosion, access, safety, cultural values and history, connections with adjacent reserves, the views of the local community, fire risk and the management of stock. We have a big job ahead of us and it is important that we take the time to get this right.

We appreciate you taking the time to give your thoughts.

To complete this survey, please click here.

This survey will be open till 12 June 2020.

For any queries, please contact Marie Gray at the Summit Road Society