Membership Application Form

The Summit Road Society - Working to enhance, preserve and protect the natural environment, beauty and open character of the Port Hills of Banks Peninsula for people to enjoy.
The Port Hills provide a unique backdrop to the fast growing City of Christchurch, and with the vast area of Reserves, and the walking tracks, provide unsurpassed opportunities for recreation and sightseeing. From time to time the Society organises walks, outings, field trips and tree planting on the Hills. For many years the Society has provided voluntary work parties - people with enthusiasm and dedication for maintaining and developing the reserves and tracks. These groups work in close liaison with the Council Staff and Rangers. The Society also acts as a “watchdog” to preserve the beauty of the Hills.
We invite you to assist in the work we are actively pursuing. This can be done by:
  • Becoming a member
  • Joining a Hill Work Party
  • Making a donation
  • Making a Bequest
  • Purchasing our Port Hills booklet “Port Hills – Protect and Enjoy” ($20)
  • Purchasing our DVD on the history of the Summit Road, Port Hills reserves and our Society ($21)
  • Joining our Predator Free Port Hills project
The Summit Road Society’s Goals:
  • To help preserve and enhance the native forest, shrublands and tussock grasslands and associated fauna.
  • To develop and maintain tracks and other amenities.
  • To seek to minimise residential encroachment and the erection of intruding structures.
  • To encourage protection by purchase or other means for public benefit.
  • To promote pride in the Port Hills and Summit Road and provide information services and educational activities.
  • To promote integrated management and inter-agency cooperation for the Port Hills.
  • Bill Woods: President ​                                                    03 318 4825
  • Marie Gray: Secretary ​                                                        349 3409
  • Graeme Paltridge: (Hill Work Parties - Eastenders)            384 3592
  • Anne Kennedy: (Hill Work Parties - Ohinetahi Reserve)     337 0364
  • Ian Johnston (Hill Work Parties – Omahu Bush)​                 332 8319
  • Paul Loughton: Treasurer ​                                                   322 7082
(Payment can be made by direct credit to the Society’s bank account: 03-0802-0104055-00)