General Manager Position Description

1. Background

We are seeking a self-employed person with strong project management, fundraising, administrative and interpersonal skills for the General Manager position.

The Summit Road Society has been in existence since 1948 and wishes to continue to expand its activities, in particular its volunteer engagement programmes. The Society also wants to grow its membership and liaison and education work with the public, the Christchurch City Council and other bodies associated with the conservation, enhancement and enjoyment of the Port Hills. The Society owns and manages four reserves on the Port Hills and leads the community and backyard trapping programme, Predator Free Port Hills.

The voluntary work undertaken by the Society includes the maintenance of tracks, tree planting, predator and weed control, provision of recreation activities and promotion of the Port Hills. This work is largely undertaken by working parties voluntarily drawn from the Society’s membership. There are also membership outings, Arbor Day events and other group activities.

2. The Summit Road Society

The Mission Statement of the Society is: “Working to enhance, preserve and protect
the natural environment, beauty and open character of the Port Hills of Banks
Peninsula for people to enjoy”. The Society has developed a strategic plan for the period 2020-2025.

Nature and Scope of Society
The elected Board of the Summit Road Society comprises a President, Vice-President, Treasurer and up to seven members, plus representatives from the Christchurch City and Selwyn District Councils.

The President chairs the Board which is responsible for the development of policies and overseeing the operations of the Society. The President gives prior approval to any public statements made in the name of the Society.  Other committees or groups may be set up from time to time for specific issues or projects, made up of Board members, Society members or co-opted individuals. The General Manager is expected to support any such committee or group.

The Summit Road Society has close working relationships with the Christchurch City Council and in particular the Port Hills Ranger Service. The Society also has representatives on the Port Hills (Mt. Vernon) Park Trust, the Summit Road Advisory Committee, the Harry Ell Summit Road Memorial Trust, Pest Free Banks Peninsula and Te Kākahu Kahukura.

3. The General Manager Position

The General Manager will be responsible for the effective and efficient servicing of the Summit Road Society and in particular supporting the President and the Board in their work. The General Manager will keep the President informed on programmes, progress and any significant financial and administrative actions or decisions to be made on behalf of the Society.

Facilitation, liaison and co-ordination
The General Manager will be responsible to the Board for the liaison and supervision of any consultants, advisers or assistants employed by the Society. The General Manager will also maintain good relationships with the membership of the Society, the Christchurch City Council its rangers and staff, and all other agencies and bodies associated with the administration and activities on the Port Hills and the Summit Road.

Key Tasks
The General Manager’s functions include:

  1. Supporting the Society’s volunteer work programmes including responding to queries, organising volunteer events, supporting health and safety requirements and ensuring volunteers have the tools and resources they require.
  2. Assisting the President and Board in respect of the daily administration of the Society including the preparation of agendas, writing minutes, attending the Board meetings, undertaking correspondence and other routine administrative activities.
  3. In discussion with the President and the Board, applying for grants and other funding to support the goals and objectives of the Society.
  4. The supervision and oversight of any staff, consultants and advisers contracted by the Society and liaising with the Society’s Port Hills work parties.
  5. Maintaining the financial accounts including accounts payable and receivable.
  6. Attending to correspondence
  7. Writing submissions and reports to other environmental organisations, local and regional councils, the Summit Road Protection Authority and other bodies associated with activities along the Port Hills, and attend any resultant hearings.
  8. Maintenance of the official records of the Society, including the archives.
  9. Promoting the vision and work of the Summit Road Society to the wider community
  10. Organising outings and events.
  11. Preparation and distribution of biannual newsletters and keeping the membership and public informed through the website, emails and social media.
  12. Preparation of pamphlets and oversight of any information displays.
  13. Representing the Society at meetings of other agencies/groups or as a presenter and public speaker.
  14. Attending all Board meetings as a member of the Board

Key TasksExpected Results 
Apply for grants and other fundingPrepare funding applicationsComplete funding administrationComplete required grant reporting in a timely manner. 
Provide information and support for Society volunteer work parties.Ensure that there is an effective link between the work parties and the BoardHelp organise volunteer eventsProvide support in H&S requirementsEnsure volunteers have the tools and resources they require 
Maintain files on planning policies affecting the Summit Road area and resource management matters pertaining to the Port Hills.Keep abreast of policy and planning issues
and ensure the Society is informed in these respects.
Facilitate, supervise, and prepare newsletters, information sheets and publications, as well as to liaise with the Society’s webmaster on website content and social media.Write articles, collate content and edit the biannual newsletter Write content for the website and social media Ensure members and the public are kept up-to-date with Society happenings via email, website, newsletter and social media. 
Organise in association with key members occasional outings and events on the Port Hills for both members and the general public.To encourage and secure a membership which is representative of the population and varying age groups who participate in, seek to be informed and enjoy the qualities of the Port Hills. 
Promote the work of the Society  and ensure close liaison with all agencies, other groups and individuals having responsibility or an interest in the Summit Road and Port Hills.To increase the awareness of the Society’s
activities within the wider community, including corporate groups.To increase awareness of environmental issues affecting the Port Hills in the wider community
To liaise with consultants and other services that may be contracted by the Society.To ensure the effective and efficient use of the Society’s resources when contracting. 
To monitor Health and Safety PolicyIn conjunction with the Board’s appointed
Health and Safety representative, ensure that the policy is kept up to date, the Board’s obligations are fulfilled and that any issues are resolved.
To support the coordination, management and long-term funding of the Society’s Predator
Free Port Hills initiative.
To apply for grants and seek other funding to support this programmeTo provide advice and hands-on support to the Predator Free Port Hills coordinator including at events. 
Prepare agendas, reports and take minutes for all the meetings of the Board, the Annual General meeting and any other committees or
groups formed by the Board.
To achieve a high standard of record and reporting to the Society.To maintain liaison with all aspects of the Society’s activities and ensure that suitable reports and submissions regarding the Society’s administration are prepared in a timely manner. 
To provide secretarial support for the Board of the Harry Ell Summit Road Society Memorial Trust which meets two or three times a year.To provide effective and efficient secretarial support as an appointed trustee or as a co- opted trust board member. 
Attend to all correspondenceRespond promptly to incoming correspondence 
Maintain financial accountsReconciling Xero accountsAccounts payable and receivableAssisting the Treasurer and auditor with preparing end-of-year accounts 
Internal Affairs – Charities and the constitutionIn conjunction with the Treasurer, to be responsible for the submission of the
Annual Report and Performance Report to Internal Affairs and to ensure the Society is compliant with legislative requirements
Maintain membership recordsComplete all membership administration including annual invoices and correspondence 

Functional Relationships

The General Manager shall take instructions from the President, or Board members representing the President, and will seek approval from them for any significant action or programmes which the General Manager might wish to initiate. Within the Society the General Manager will maintain good relationships with all Board members, any staff, consultants and the members of the Society who voluntarily participate in its work.

The General Manager will maintain ongoing liaison and good relationships with the Christchurch City Council, other District and Regional Organisations, Central Government agencies, local hapū and community organisations in order to promote the Society’s vision, exchange information, elicit feedback and represent the Society’s views.

Person Specification

The General Manager will:

  • Be passionate about the goals and objectives of the Summit Road Society
  • Be an effective leader and initiator able to motivate the Society’s membership and wider community.
  • Be a skilled communicator
  • Have experience in grant writing and fundraising
  • Be an astute person with good interpersonal skills
  • Ideally hold a tertiary qualification appropriate to the above functions.
  • Have demonstrable abilities in secretarial and administrative matters.
  • Experienced in working with a wide range of stakeholder groups including central and local government, hapū and community organisations to achieve collective outcomes.
  • Have proven experience in self-managing work priorities.
  • Be computer literate
  • Have sound financial skills including experience with Xero.
  • Have a clean, current, full Drivers Licence, and own vehicle
  • Be available on some weekend days and evenings

4. Office Location
The Summit Road Society does not have its own administration office and the General Manager is responsible for providing their office space.

5. Hours of Work
Since this is a contract position, the General Manager will be expected to cover the tasks and functions as set out above in an efficient and appropriate manner. The working hours are those required to fulfil the functions described and as agreed by the Board. As the primary contact officer for the Society, the General Manager shall be reachable by phone or answerphone during normal business hours.

Hours of work can generally be completed within normal business hours. However, some evening and weekend work is required, for example, for meetings and events. Board meetings are currently held on the third Tuesday of the month 7pm to 9pm.

6. Conditions of Self Employment
This is a contract position with effect from November 2023.

The general tasks are described and outlined in the clauses above. A work plan will be developed for each six month period.

The schedule of tasks and conditions of the contract will be reviewed by the Board Chairperson after the first six months and then at the end of February each year. The
contract may be terminated with one month’s notice either way.

The workload will vary from week to week and month to month but is not expected to
exceed 120 hours in any one calendar month.  An hourly contract fee will be negotiated and reviewed annually, noting that hours may be reduced or extended depending on success in applications for funding. This will be paid upon the Board’s receipt of a monthly invoice accompanied by a report of activities, tasks undertaken, hours allocated and targets achieved.

The General Manager is responsible for the costs of providing their office, phone, answerphone, computer, printer and copier, internet, travel time and transport costs. The Society will meet the reasonable costs of stationery and postage. Extraordinary expenses may be paid as additional disbursements, subject to prior approval by the President and submission of a detailed invoice.