Linda Woods Reserve


Coronavirus – What you need to know

Our reserves remain open during the Covid-19 lockdown to neighbours. Going for a walk and spending time in nature is more important than ever. As per Commissioner Bush’s advice, you should not drive for recreational purposes. You should only drive for essential purposes such as buying food or visiting the GP. However, if you live locally to one of our reserves and can walk from your house, you are welcome to visit provided you follow these key safety measures.

  • Keep a 2m distance from other walkers. Please use common sense when passing other people. Move off the path or backtrack so you can find a safe space to pass each other.
  • We must break the chain of transmission.The virus can survive on surfaces for hours or days. Be aware of this when opening and shutting gates or touching other surfaces. Bring some hand sanitiser with you so you can wash your hands often.
  • Cough and sneeze into your elbow
  • Do not touch your face

At Ohinetahi Reserve and Linda Woods Reserve, you may walk your dog. They must be on a short lead at all times and please clean up any mess. Dogs are not permitted at Omahu Bush. Due to the isolation of this reserve, we do not expect many visitors. For those of you who live further afield, please visit your local park or reserve instead. You will have the opportunity to visit the hills again when the current danger has passed.

We’ll be watching the situation and posting updates as we learn more. Our volunteer work parties have all been suspended over the lockdown period. Look after yourself and your whānau, stick to your bubble and we will get through this together.


On 5 October 2018, the Summit Road Society took possession of Tussock Hill farm after several years of negotiation. This acquisition was made possible through donations and bequests from members, most notably the late Jack Hutchinson and current President Bill Woods.

Renamed to the Linda Woods Reserve, the 233ha property is located between the Avoca and Horotane Valleys. It will be developed into an open space reserve for the people of Christchurch to enjoy. The development of the reserve is going to take time and we ask for patience from the public.

In the meantime, the public is permitted to enter the Linda Woods Reserve. However, extra care is required. The property has not yet been developed into a public reserve, it is a working farm and there are farming and natural hazards.

  • There is an active rockfall hazard present on the property.
    • Do not enter the reserve during periods of aftershocks
    • Do not enter the reserve within 48 hours of heavy rain.
    • Be mindful of rock outcrops above steep terrain.
    • No stopping in areas where rock outcrops are overhead.
    • While we mitigate the rockfall hazard, please be cautious. Entry is at your own risk.
  • The terrain is steep. Mind your footing at all times.
  • There are limited farm tracks only, some of which are in rough condition. Please keep to tracks at all times.
  • The best access is from Mary Duncan Reserve (off Port Hills Road). Follow the pipe to the gate into the Linda Woods Reserve. Access from Horotane Valley Road has been temporarily closed as we develop a safe pedestrian route.
  • Access is also available from the Summit Road and from Rapaki track.
  • There are sheep onsite to keep down woody weeds and to reduce the fire risk. Please keep your distance.
  • Please be aware there are pools of water for stock purposes.
  • There are no toilets or drinking water on site.
  • Dogs are permitted but must be on the lead at all times.
    The Society is currently in the process of developing a management plan for the reserve. There will be opportunities for the public and stakeholder groups to give feedback so please keep an eye on our website and Facebook page.