Summit Road Society Strategic Plan

Earlier in the year, the Board developed a draft strategic plan for the Society. Strategic plans are important because they help identify the direction forward and where to focus our time and resources. They are also increasingly required for funding grants.

The mission statement, vision statement and long term goals were developed several years ago. The Board has now identified key values and strategic priorities for the period 2020-2025. We have also developed a tactical plan for our community project ‘Predator Free Port Hills’ including operational goals for the period 2020-2024. This tactical plan aligns with the Pest Free Banks Peninsula strategy.

We have tried to create plans that are easy to read and grab the reader’s attention.

We are keen for members’ feedback on these documents.
• What do you like about these documents?
• What would you like to see changed?
• Are we are on the right track?
• Have we captured the Society values?
• Are these documents easy to understand?

Please read these draft documents and then complete our online survey.

Summit Road Society Strategic Plan 2020-2025
Tactical Plan Predator Free Port Hills 2020-2024

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This survey will be open until Friday 19 June 5pm, 2020.